Champions of the Hundred Halls: A Coop Strategy Card Game

Created by Thomas K. Carpenter

Harness your magic. An asymmetrical cooperative game for 1-4 Players with Increasing Levels of Difficulty and Endless Replayability.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We Hit Stretch Reward #2!
4 months ago – Tue, Mar 12, 2024 at 06:28:58 AM

Stretch Reward #2: Lore Packet!!

The campaign is moving along at a good pace now.  After the slow start, we've been picking up momentum in the final few days due to your help in spreading the word.  

The second stretch reward is the Lore Packet which includes background information, a map of the City of Sorcery, and a short story set in the Hundred Halls.  

Final Two Days!

The last two days of the campaign are upon us!  Right now I think we still have a good shot at hitting the 3rd stretch reward (Multiplayer Campaign) and an outside chance at the 4th one (Tuck Boxes).  If you're not familiar with Kickstarter campaigns, they typically have a big jump at the end as people who were following it decide to join the fun before it ends.  So if you want to make sure we hit those last two, please share the campaign with your friends.

Thank you everyone who has backed so far.  We couldn't do this without you.

Tom & Rachel

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First Stretch Reward Unlocked!
5 months ago – Wed, Mar 06, 2024 at 11:24:20 AM

Solo Mode Tokens (Status Effects & Armory Rewards)

Thank you everyone for help spreading the word about Champions of the Hundred Halls.  It took some time to hit the funding goal, but once we did, we accelerated to the first stretch reward and have good momentum towards the second (Lore Packet).  Hopefully in a couple of weeks we can show off what the Solo Mode Tokens will look like, but for now we're still working on improving the card designs in preparation for sending that information to the manufacturer.

Champions of the Hundred Halls on Decked Out!  

I've mentioned before that one of the inspirations for Champions was Magic the Gathering Commander format and many of the play testers were friends who I play MtG with on a regular basis.  Luckily as we were leading up to the launch, I noticed on Twitter that Decked Out was looking for sponsors for their YouTube channel and I immediately jumped on the chance.  I enjoy watching their channel and I think the game appeals to Magic players, so it was a natural fit for a sponsorship.  

As things happen, the first prototype I sent got lost in the mail.  So our original sponsorship date had to get pushed back while I rearranged the other prototypes.  Thankfully, we were able to get them a copy in time and the video came out on Monday.  The video is mostly them playing EDH (which is what their channel is about) with the new Fallout Commander decks (I'm a huge fan, I love both EDH and the Fallout games).  There's a section at the beginning where they talk about Champions and my books and then a short, but sweet game play section at the end before they wrap up their post-game comments.  Take a look and if you enjoy their EDH content, you should subscribe to their channel.  They're a lot of fun to watch.

Next Stretch Reward

The next stretch reward is at $15,000, which is the Lore Packet (Background Information, MAP of the City of Sorcery, and a short story).  I think at the current rate we should hit that reward in a few days and with eight days left in the campaign, there's a good shot at hitting the $20k level (Multiplayer Campaign mode) and if everyone shares it enough, we might hit the Tuck Boxes reward level!    

*fingers crossed*

Thank you for supporting our campaign!  It means the world to us both!

Tom & Rachel

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New Stretch Rewards & Updated Images!
5 months ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2024 at 09:05:23 AM

At 98% Funding!  Almost there!

Nothing more to say on this other than: Yay!!

New Stretch Rewards

Thank you everyone for your feedback about how the stretch rewards should be adjusted. It took a little longer than we'd originally hoped to announce these, but that was mostly to make sure we got all the possible feedback and we had to get an answer from our manufacturer about a request on how the tuck boxes would be fulfilled in hopes of reducing the cost.  Alas, we weren't able to get the reduced cost which would have allowed us to go even lower, but we did move it down to 50% of where it was before (it was previously at $50,000).  

Stretch Rewards

  • $10,000 - 100% FUNDED
  • $12,500 - Solo Mode (Tokens, Status Effects, Armory Rewards)
  • $15,000 - Lore Packet (Background Info, MAP of City of Sorcery, Short Story)
  • $20,000 - Multiplayer Campaign Mode
  • $25,000 - Tuck Boxes

If we manage to hit $25k then we'll announce more rewards past Tuck Boxes, but we absolutely think all these are in reach based on our current rate of funding and the number of campaign followers we have.  

But we'll also need your help in spreading the word to make sure we can provide as much value for your pledge as possible.  

Updated Card Images

First off, I want to say from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!!!  I can't say enough how important the Kickstarter community has been for improving Champions of the Hundred Halls.  While we'd love to knock it out of the park on our first go-around, it's more important that we get it right in the end.  

We've taken all your feedback whether it was directly through Kickstarter, emails, or on other forums and incorporated it into the latest design.  As I mentioned last time, we're not 100% finished, there are still a few more steps, but we wanted to show off the latest pass.  In fact, we went back and updated the campaign sections that talk about the decks (Choose Your Character, Explore Your Realm, Meet the Villains) with the improved image files so you might want to stop by and check them out on the Kickstarter.  We even cropped the borders back to the bleed lines to simulate what the cards would look like in physical form.  I'm not going show all the deck previews in this update, but I'm adding Caer Corsydd deck preview image so you can see what the newest versions look like:

The other thing you can see on the new deck previews is how some of the cards changed from the prototype versions in regards to game play.  If you want to see a few examples check out: Claire's Player Card (copy artifact is a free action), Pi's Player Card (Activated ability gets a Soul Fragment from the deck), or Mori's Player Card (card draw scales with number of Venota stones).  These were small changes but they helped with the consistency and fun of the decks.  

Thank you for backing our campaign!

Tom & Rachel

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Initial Poll Results & Card Image Updates
5 months ago – Mon, Feb 26, 2024 at 07:57:09 AM

83% to Goal! 

First off, thank you all for backing the campaign!  We should be funding some time this week, and with over 50% of the campaign left we can start looking ahead to the Stretch Rewards.  Speaking of...

Stretch Reward Poll (Initial Results)

We're still receiving responses for the Stretch Reward poll, but I wanted to show you an initial look at the results in case you had a strong opinion otherwise.  Right now the top results look like this:

  1. Campaign mode for multi-player games (tied)
  2. Solo mode, status effects, and Armory rewards (tied)
  3. Lore packet (Background information, City of Sorcery map, Short Stories)

After that, there's a bunch with similar votes (Tuck boxes, Additional Tokens, Custom Dice). We'll give it a few more days and then wrap up the poll and let everyone know how the adjusted stretch rewards will look.

Card Image Updates

I'm going to show you a few updated card images.  These are NOT final, but it's the direction we're moving based on the feedback we've received.  Mostly we're showing these to get more feedback about how they look and what we can do to improve.  

Also, before we actually move into production, our manufacturer will have their design people give some feedback and then even after that, we'll have at least one test copy printed before we give the okay for final production.  So there are still many steps ahead before we're finalized.

But until then, these are some of the things we've been working on:

  • Larger font size for readability
  • Adding colors for the beginning/end of turn triggers
  • Improving the hit point visualization
  • Consistent placement of text 
  • Improving the "Rewards" on the quest cards for better identification
  • Clarifying the activated abilities on player cards

** One caveat on the image - These are the production file images which include "Bleed" which is extra material that gets cut off when the cards are made.  So the border is much thicker than the actual cards (you can see the correct width in the game play videos).

Example #1 - Showing the trigger colors and the latest idea for the hit point designation.  Not 100% on the exact presentation for hit points, but I think the location is probably correct because there aren't many other options.  The first number is the base hit points and the second number after the slash is the "additional hit points per player". These will, of course, be explained with a visual on the rules sheet.  

Example #2 - Showing off the new quest reward designation.  The box helps the reward pop out so it's easier to tell what you're getting. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback.  Thank you for backing our campaign!

Tom & Rachel

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Stretch Reward Adjustments & New Tiers!!
5 months ago – Thu, Feb 22, 2024 at 08:02:01 AM

Stretch Reward Adjustments

Happy Thursday!  Hopefully everyone is gearing up for a lovely weekend.  We're still progressing towards the campaign goal.  While it's been slower than we expected, we also knew that it might be that way since we had some of our planned promotions go astray when a prototype game got lost in the mail throwing a wrench in our schedule (if you really want an interesting read, look up the Reddit thread about the USPS distribution center in Palmetto, GA).


That doesn't mean we're not still looking at ways for you to get the maximum out of your campaign pledge.  We've decided to adjust the stretch rewards and we want to know what you're most looking forward to from the list.  Please take a look at these potential stretch rewards and let us know what you'd really like to see.  You can either respond through Kickstarter or send me an email at [email protected].

Stretch Reward List Potentials

Lore Packet (Background Info, City of Sorcery Map, a Hundred Halls story)

Foil stamp on box

Deck Tuck Boxes with deck art on the outside

Hundred Halls Short Story Volume One

Hundred Halls Short Story Volume Two

Additional tokens and status markers

Achievement list for game play tracking

Custom dice with Hundred Halls branding

Solo mode tokens, status effects, and Armory rewards

Campaign mode for multi-player games

Please let us know what you're most interested in seeing as a stretch reward, or if there's something else that would tickle your fancy!  Once we have an idea of what everyone's interested in, we'll announce the changes next week.  And please keep spreading the word so we can make sure to maximize your pledges with additional content and game play!

New Tiers

Requested by some of our backers who come from the publishing side, we've added a couple of eBook only tiers to the rewards.  They're still available as add-ons, but now they're their own tiers as well.  

We look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks again for backing our campaign,

Tom and Rachel

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